Intermedia Festival

Held April 23-25 2010, the Intermedia Festival was a unique series of concerts and events presenting futuristic modes of live performance in the telematic and media arts. Telematic art synthesizes live traditional performing arts with computers, media and telecommunications. The Intermedia Festival featured artists, musicians, videographers, dancers, actors and writers from around the world. While more than 100 performers traveled to Indianapolis, others participated through the Internet interactively with collaborators at the festival. Live drama, dance, music, visual arts, videography, scientific presentation, commentary, and discussion were synthesized to form a provocative and compelling set of experiences.

The Festival was held in the new downtown Indianapolis Public Library and in the Informatics and Computer Technology Complex at IUPUI.  Admission was free and open to the public for all events. The Festival was a production of the Donald Tavel Arts Technology Research Center, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). The Festival was made possible by an Indiana University New Frontiers-New Perspectives Grant from the Lilly Foundation, a Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Initiative Grant (MURI) from IUPUI, and was being produced in partnership with the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library, the IUPUI Department of Music and Arts Technology, the Indiana University Advanced Visualization Lab, and the Donald Tavel Arts and Technology Research Center at IUPUI.