Galaga RemiX2

April 7th, 2010 | Filed under Abstracts

GalagaRemiX2 colonizes the corporate product and contaminates an arcade game classic by using two hacked games and custom button controllers to create a glitchy, audio-visual feast of sound and projection. Introduced in 1981, the Galaga arcade game became a classic alien invasion game for the company Namco.  Twenty-nine years into the future, GalagaRemiX2 appropriates a recent game pack circuit to create an audio-visual instrument that allows the performer to play with a hacked version of the classic Galaga video game.  By manipulating a simple interface and with further computational processing, audio-visual artifacts are created over a continuous drone, exploring tonalities and visualities of glitch noise art. GalagaRemiX2 is a performance extravaganza of video game antics, experimental sound performance, VJ culture, and live A/V practices.

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