March 31st, 2010 | Filed under Abstracts

Iteration13 is a structured multimedia improvisation employing an unorthodox performance ensemble whose roles are often turned upside down: a visual artist who generates sound by drawing, a tap dancer, and a musician who performs using a camera. Throughout the piece, performers’ parts appear to evolve, often cross-pollinating their domains and trajectories. The work explores structure and program as predominantly orthogonal, yet nonetheless mutually influencing streams. The continually evolving juxtaposition of abstract attack-based aural events produced by a tap and smooth gestures of an amplified pencil and their permutations (e.g. point-based attacks by pencil and a dragging foot gesture) seeks to assimilate seemingly polarized streams. Likewise, through the use of pencil gestures the piece investigates poignant contrasts among elements of nature, such as water and fire. This absoluteness is superimposed by a literal poetry and a soundtrack that punctuates the ending. In part inspired by the visual content, the closing section embodies sea waves splashing against the shores of a newly discovered world, a landing following a long and perilous voyage. iteration13 therefore can be seen as a theatrical audio-visual performance focusing on seamless integration of technology into an unconventional ensemble.

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