Soundmesh Improvision

April 7th, 2010 | Filed under Abstracts

The Soundmesh Improvisation will be an Internet2 performance using a new version of Mara Helmuth’s RTcmix-based software Soundmesh. The improvisation will showcase the talents of CCM students participating in a remote improvisation between the Intermedia festival in Indianapolis and from the (ccm)2 CCM Center for Computer Music in Cincinnati. Guitarist-composer Joshua Goldman, and composers TR Beery, Danny Clay, Jennifer Jolley, Sangbong Nam, Paul Schuette and Jerod Sommerfeldt are participating. The high band-width Internet2 connection supports uncompressed multichannel sound processing between remote locations, and the application allows extensive synthesis, processing and algorithmic capabilities of the RTcmix music programming language on OSX and Linux.

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