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Donald Louis Tavel became the first person to receive a Master of Music degree from the Indiana University Center for Computer and Electronic Music. He was a pioneer in developing new uses for computers. Mr. Tavel established a computer graphics and animation department at Indiana University while teaching courses in computer music at IUPUI. Mr. Tavel was the first IUPUI music faculty member to be involved with music technology and teaching students about the power of MIDI, a means of linking electronic instruments and computers. He was also an artist who understood the impact of technology upon the creative endeavor.

Mr. Tavel held seven patents on computer hardware as well as numerous copyrights on computer software, and in 1974 developed an early version of a resynator – an electronic synthesizer designed to allow a musician to play any instrument and make it sound like a different one.

The Tavel Center will provide a lasting contribution to the study and development of artistic endeavors in our changing world and it will be the centerpiece for furthering the innovative work Donald Louis Tavel loved and pursued during his lifetime.

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