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[caption id="attachment_201" align="alignleft" width="504" caption="Joshua Fielder making preparations for the Telematic Collective Concert on April 21. Photo by Hang Yu"]Joshua Fielder making preparations for the Telematic Collective Concert on April 21[/caption] The Telematic Collective with present its 2011 spring concert on April 21 at the IT Building, room 152 at 7:30 pm at IUPUI. Joining the Collective online will be the Syneme Lab Telearts Ensemble at the University of Calgary (directed by Professor Ken Fields), and the RAT (Radical Arts Technology) Ensemble at the University of Missouri Kansas City Conservatory of Music (directed by Matthew Burtner) and the Hybrid Arts Lab at Indiana University Bloomington (directed by Margaret Dolinsky). The concert will feature Virtual Reality works that will also be able to be viewed simultaneously in the Virtual Reality Theater at IUPUI, also in the IT Building. Additionally, a world premiere of a work conceived 39 years ago for the dynamics of the Internet by renowned American Composer Stuart Sanders Smith. After the concert, the VR art environments will be on display and can be experienced in the virtual reality theater on the fourth floor. The VR theater is similar to the concept of Star Trek's holodeck providing visual illusions in 3D that can be navigated. The theater consists of head and hand tracking, stereoscopic displays and real time 3D rendering. As one navigates the environment using a joystick wand, the computer updates the display according to the navigator's head and hand positions. This allows visitors to dynamically explore the environment from a first person perspective.


ZeroSpace was a telematic conference and concert presented by the Center for 21st Century Studies at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Organized by Matthew Burtner, the event included Chris Chafe of Stanford University, the Interactive Media Research Group, the Telematic Collective, Margaret Dolinsky, Christopher Burns, and Scott Deal. Photo: Nick Hartgrove performs Deconstructions #4 (M. Drews, 2011) online from Indiana with the composer and myself onstage in Milwaukee.


The Telematic Collective participated in the NetTets 2011 concert on January 29, bringing together artists at sites in Canada (Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, and Edmonton), and the United States (Indianapolis, IUPUI).   The concert was hosted and produced by Professor Ken Fields and the Syneme Lab at the University of Calgary, which is where the main performing stage and production center was located. Participating online groups included the New Music Ensemble Laptop Orchestra at University of Calgary, Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk), performers from University of Alberta, and University of British Columbia.  The Telematic Collective performed from the Indiana University Virtual Reality Theater and featured with the group was harpist Erzsébet Gaál. Live 3d graphics were created by artists from Professor Margaret Dolinsky's 3-D art studio at the HR Hope School of Fine Arts, Indiana University Bloomington. The artists navigated through 3d environments they created for the VRT and set to music by members of the Collective.


Photo: Members of Dance Kaleidoscope performing with pianist Lily Popova online.  Photo by Jammy Straub.  For more photos, click here.

Held April 23-25, the Intermedia Festival was a unique series of concerts and events that presented futuristic modes of live performance in the telematic and media arts. Telematic art synthesizes live traditional performing arts with computers, media and telecommunications. The Intermedia Festival featured artists, musicians, videographers, dancers, actors and writers from throughout North America and Europe. While more than 100 performers traveled to Indianapolis, others participated through the Internet interactively with collaborators at the festival. Live drama, dance, music, visual arts, videography, scientific presentation, commentary, and discussion synthesized to form a provocative and compelling set of experiences.

Norway to Indianapolis


Photo: Scott Deal in rehearsal with electro-acoustic violinist Victoria Johnson and percussionist Kjell Tor Innervik. A collaboration on telematic performance research has begun between the Tavel Arts Technology Center at IUPUI and faculty at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, Norway.  Professor Scott Deal, Director of the Center, was invited to Norway in June 2009 for meetings and musical performance sessions with a multi-disciplinary group consisting of computer performer, percussionist, electric violinist, dancer, motion tracking specialist and IT technicians.  


The purpose of the project is to develop IT software solutions related to the production of Auksulaq, a telematic opera designed to be performed in real time at multiple locations across the globe. Auksulaq will integrate artistic expression, scientific information and social/political commentary to present an interactive, multi-dimensional experience that embodies relevant complex cultural and empirical processes. Venues for the premiere performance include IUPUI, University of Virginia, University of Alaska, and venues TBA in New York City and Oslo, Norway.

  9:00 AM Concert Brady Harrison: Temazcal (1984) by Javier Alvarez for Maracas and Tape Skewed and Such (Jeff Herriott/Trevor Saint): Liquid Folds (2012) Brittle Edges of Wandering Time (2012)for glockenspiel/noah bells with laptop (MaxMSP) 10:00 AM President's Room Fabrice Marandola: Performance with Live Electronics and Sensors Don Nichols: Percussion Improvisation and

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