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Intermedia Festival of Telematic Art


Photo: Members of Dance Kaleidoscope performing with pianist Lily Popova online.  Photo by Jammy Straub.  For more photos, click here.

Held April 23-25, the Intermedia Festival was a unique series of concerts and events that presented futuristic modes of live performance in the telematic and media arts. Telematic art synthesizes live traditional performing arts with computers, media and telecommunications. The Intermedia Festival featured artists, musicians, videographers, dancers, actors and writers from throughout North America and Europe. While more than 100 performers traveled to Indianapolis, others participated through the Internet interactively with collaborators at the festival. Live drama, dance, music, visual arts, videography, scientific presentation, commentary, and discussion synthesized to form a provocative and compelling set of experiences.

The Festival was held in the new downtown Indianapolis Public Library and in the Informatics and Computer Technology Complex at IUPUI.  Admission was free and open to the public for all events. The Festival was a production of the Donald Tavel Arts Technology Research Center, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). The Festival was made possible by an Indiana University New Frontiers grant, a Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Initiative Grant (MURI) from IUPUI, and was produced in partnership with the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library, the IUPUI Department of Music and Arts Technology, the Indiana University Advanced Visualization Lab, and the Donald Tavel Arts and Technology Research Center at IUPUI.


The Festival presented ten media-rich concerts between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, April 23-25. Live dance, music, visual arts, drama, videography, scientific presentation, commentary and discussion came together to create a provocative and compelling set of experiences. Noted guest artists featured at the Festival included San Francisco-based singer Pamela Z, New York composer and computer artist Luke Dubois, singer Bora Yoon, eco-acoustic composer Matthew Burtner, Indianapolis-based electro-acoustic ensemble Big Robot, and Dance Kaleidoscope. The Friday evening opening concert feature Big Robot followed by a Dance concert that will feature the Indianapolis-based Dance Kaleidoscope in concert with other dancers and media onstage, and with dancers from Florida State University interacting online and on-screen.


Several groups presented mobile art installations throughout the Festival in the downtown vicinity.  The Washington DC-based Floating Lab Collective presented their improvisatory compositions played in instruments they created called “screamers”. The Florida-based Mobile Performance Group is a collective of new media artists who disseminate their works by using automobiles, video projection, cell phones, FM transmission, wireless hotspots, and any other technologies that allow artists to engage the public. The Occupation Forces Project, by New York artists Mark Skwarek, Joseph Hocking, and Serial Krusher, was a piece simulating, through computer and pda technology an invasion of earth by an alien occupation force. A downloadable, mobile application enabled “projected augmented reality”, allowing users to view an alien invasion army through their mobile devices at various stations throughout the Indianapolis Library and in the downtown area. Portuguese computer-artist Andre Rangel presented “Graffonic”, a work utilizing video tracking and laser pointers to assist participants in creating a reactive work of art.

Fixed Media Works

Managed by the Indiana University Visualization Lab, the Virtual Reality Theater (VRT) at IUPUI is a 3-D environment in which interactive and immersive art works can be presented, created specifically for this space in the ICTC building at IUPUI.  During the Festival there were several sessions of original works created for a VRT that were performed.

Additionally, screenings of cutting-edge video pieces that combine visual art with music and sound were presented at the Indianapolis Public Library. New York computer artist and composer Luke Dubois and IU Bloomington Professor Margaret Dolinsky presented multi-media works in spaces inside the library. The Festival also highlighted the work of over a dozen video artists from throughout North America in a special fixed media screening room in the library, including notable artists such as Phil Kline, Maggie Payne, and Tom Lopez.

Artists and Institutions

The festival also involved collaborating with a variety of community arts groups such as Dance Kaleidoscope and Big Car Gallery. In addition to the featured guest artists, over 100 performing artists participated from Vancouver, New York, Lisbon Portugal, Chicago, Washington DC, Yale University, Oberlin College, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, University of Virginia, Florida State University, University of Miami, Duke University, Bowling Green University, Temple University, Emory University and Virginia Tech University, to name a few.  Regional participants included artists from institutions such as IUPUI, Indiana University Bloomington, Ball State University, Butler University, University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, and University of Cincinnati.  Telematic performances between artists over the Internet will occur as a result of new technologies developed in the Telematics Lab at the Donald Tavel Arts Technology Research Center at IUPUI.

For more information, visit the Intermedia Festival website

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