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Software Solutions for the Auksalaq Telematic Opera Project


The purpose of the project is to develop IT software solutions related to the production of Auksulaq, a telematic opera designed to be performed in real time at multiple locations across the globe. Auksulaq will integrate artistic expression, scientific information and social/political commentary to present an interactive, multi-dimensional experience that embodies relevant complex cultural and empirical processes. Venues for the premiere performance include IUPUI, University of Virginia, University of Alaska, and venues TBA in New York City and Oslo, Norway.

MURI Project Proposal Objective

Due to the live, global nature of Auksalaq (and similar projects), the network systems structure will require a customized synthesis of current applications relating to internet transmission of high fidelity audio and video streaming, synchronization, integration with existing media and live players. Researchers are needed to assist in creating a networked, ubiquitous computer environment capable of the following criteria:

  • Combine the HD SDI video to high fidelity audio with minimal compression and latency (less than 30ms) to 10 sites in North America and Europe.
  • A single platform for video and audio control interacting with and displaying imagery from10 remote sites.
  • Customize a communications format for realtime control and direction of players and technicians.
  • Create software to synchronize artists and media at multiple sites.

Expected Outcomes

The expected outcome of the project is the formation of a usable platform that integrates high-end audio, HD-SDI video and media-related computer processing over high-bandwidth networks such as Internet2. The composition and creation of the telematic opera Auksalaq will be used as the framework that provides remote site collaborators, artists in various disciplines, and opportunities to test the platform in a realtime and real world environment. While the premiere of Auksalaq will not occur until 2010, construction of the platform is essential to the work. The platform will be completed in time for use at the IUPUI Technology Conference to be held June 24-27. Hardware integration will be with the Jamlink network box, Anycast Station video switcher, HD-SDI supported video cameras, and studio-grade audio tools.


  • Students will learn to apply technical expertise in a multi-disciplinary environment, with artists from a variety of mediums.
  • Learn systems vital to the music and media industries through becoming familiar with a range of software applications needed for the platform.
  • Become familiar with IT related issues of network transmission of uncompressed video data, routing, synchronization and fidelity.
  • Benefit for engineers seeking employment in the media arts industry, which includes television, film, live music, and web design/implementation.

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