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The Telematic Collective is a multi-disciplinary group working to create networked, synchronistic live performance art. Most of the work is carried out on the Internet2 Network. The Telematic Collective presents concerts, plays and commentaries, as well as less clearly-defined media experiences before live audiences worldwide.

Telematic Art

Technological innovations over the past decade have enabled the Internet to be used as a compelling medium for exploratory telematic performances. Telematic art employs multimedia and telecommunications with artists in the creation of live performances. Existing in this medium is a particular aesthetic dynamic that relates directly to the quickly evolving networked culture of our age. This has much to do with the homogenization of artistic expression, conducted personally yet amplified collectively. As Roy Ascott (1989) wrote: “Telematic culture means, in short, that we do not think, see, or feel in isolation. Creativity is shared, authorship is distributed…enabling one to participate in the production of global vision through networked interaction with other minds…”

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