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About the PASIC 2013 Technology Day

DSC_0326The Information Age and the microprocessor have rendered a technological transformation that touches almost every facet of human life. Highly individualized software applications have become tools of choice for advancements in literature, science, arts, medicine, engineering, and industry, to name a very few. Almost every aspect of music has likewise undergone significant and sustained transformation through the influence of technology on performance, composition, sound creation, notation, instrument design, and business.  Therefore, the PAS Technology Committee is presenting Tech Day to reflect our changing musical world while showcasing some of the most compelling developments — during a day of performances, clinics, and lab sessions.

The PAS Technology Day is being hosted by the Department of Music and Arts Technology at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) on Wednesday, November 13, 2013. The event will showcase the state of music technology in a broad spectrum of areas important to percussionists, including performance, education, notation, and composition. The Day will feature four concerts with over a dozen percussionists from the United States, Brazil, Canada, France and Spain in areas such as live electro-acoustic percussion, media enriched performance, telematics, and use of MIDI controllers.  Performers will include Stuart Gerber, Aiyuan Huang, Don Nichols, Fabrice Marandola, the Skewed and Such Duo (Jeff Herriott and Trevor Saint), Greg Jukes, Bonnie Whiting, Erzsébet Gaál-Rinne, The IUPUI Telematic Collective, Andy Thierauf, Iván Andrés Yague, Laurent Mariusse, Brady Harrison, and Fernando Rocha, among others.

The Technology Committee will be taking advantage of IUPUI’s access to research-grade, high bandwidth Internet with the presentation of several events. There will be a telematic performance involving electro-acoustic musicians at the University of Michigan performing with percussionists on-site at IUPUI, as well as with an online performance by Peter Kates from Bergen Norway.  The New World Symphony Percussion Section will be showcasing new technologies in music education through an Internet2 online master-class.

There will be a computer lab set up during Tech Day that will present clinicians discoursing on music creation with Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), simple programming, as well as the use of notational, practice, educational, and pro-audio software.  Jordan Munson and Adam Batrich, both on the music tech faculty at IUPUI, will be demonstrating mainstream music software applications such as Logic, Ableton Live, MaxMSP/Jitter, Pure Data, and ProTools.  Percussionist Robert Grifa will present a music education clinic in the lab on the use of Smart Music and other applications in music practice sessions.  Tom Johnson will present a clinic on scoring for percussion in notation software.

For percussionists who want to experiment with audio signal processing, Chris Roode will present a session titled “Creating Percussive Sounds from Additive Synthesis and Frequency Modulation”. Mark Cook will give a presentation titled Hardware for Performance With Live Electronics, and Josh Emanuel will present a talk on trends in telematic art and music. Mike McIntosh will present a marching percussion technology clinic and Ray Dillard will conduct a percussion recording microphone clinic.

Many of the performers will be leading discussions during the clinic sessions on the use of technology in their performance scenarios, as well as the constructs through which composers and performers interact.

The Technology Committee is looking forward to the participation from the across the PAS membership in attendance at PASIC 2013.  Due to the technology and the spaces where it will be demonstrated, the attendance will be limited to 200 PASIC attendees who have signed up in advance.  Tech Day will be suitable and useful to percussionists whose ability ranges from introductory to advanced.  Members from all musical genres are invited to explore and engage with technology with us this coming November.

This article appears in the September 2013 issue of Percussive Notes Magazine, and was written by PAS committee members Scott Deal and Blair Helsing.  

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