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PASIC Techology Day Program and Schedule


9:00 AM

Brady Harrison: Temazcal (1984) by Javier Alvarez for Maracas and Tape

Skewed and Such (Jeff Herriott/Trevor Saint):
Liquid Folds (2012)
Brittle Edges of Wandering Time (2012)for glockenspiel/noah bells with laptop (MaxMSP)

10:00 AM

President’s Room
Fabrice Marandola: Performance with Live Electronics and Sensors
Don Nichols: Percussion Improvisation and Computer Interactivity in Black Sparrow Shadow

Dean’s Room
Josh Emanuel: The Telematic Arts: an Overview
Laurent Mariusse: An Overview of OMAX Interactive Performance Software 

Technology Lab
Tom Johnson: Percussion Notation Software Techniques

11 AM 

Iván Andrés Yague: Dry (2013) for multipercussion and electronics

Stuart Gerber: Sequitur XI  (2009) Karlheinz Essl (Multi-percussion and Max/MSP)

Fernando Rocha, Breno Bragança, José Henrique Viana;
-Tempestade em Copo D’Água (2012), Breno Bragança (Brasil) drums, vocal sounds and electronics
-Céu (‘Sky’) (2012), José Henrique Viana (Brasil) for triangle and live electronics Performer: José Henrique Viana;
-Improvisation For Frame Drum and Laptop (2012),  Fernando Rocha (Brasil) Performer: Fernando Rocha

President’s Room
Christopher Roode: Creating percussive sounds from additive synthesis and frequency modulation

Technology Lab
Jordan Munson: Intro to Object Oriented Music Software (MAX)

1 PM 

Campus Center Theater
Justin Trieger and the New World Symphony Percussion Section: Internet2 Percussion Masterclass

President’s Room
Ray Dillard: Recording Percussion (and More) on a Budget

2 PM 

Peter Kates; Rings by Craig Farr (2011), Telematic Music Performance from Norway

Telematic Collective and University of Michigan Computer-Acoustic Players; Goldstream Variations (2012) by Scott Deal

Aiyun Huang; Tension Study II: Eagle Claw Wu Tsiao Chen Wins (2009) by Sean Griffin, percussion solo with video score

President’s Room
Brady Harrison: Sound Choices: Creating a Total Concept in Aesthetic Decisions for Electroacoustic Performance

Iván Andres: Motion Control and Visual Projection in “Dry” for Percussion and Computer Interactivity

Dean’s Room
Mike McIntosh: Technology in Marching Percussion

3 PM 

President’s Room
Robert Grifa: Using Software for Productive Practice and Improved Performance

Dean’s Room
Andy Thierauf: Computer Processes in the Multipercussion Work “Growing Fast in Sawdust”
Fernando Rocha: Three Pieces/Studies for Percussion and Live-Electronics

Technology Lab
Adam Batrich: Getting Started with Your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

4 PM

Andy Thierauf: Growing Fast in Sawdust by Andy Thierauf (2012) percussion and electronics MaxMSP

Don Nichols: Black Sparrow Shadow (2013) by Don Nichols, Drum set and Laptop (MaxMSP)

Fabrice Marandola:
-Packing A Lunch (2011) by Patrick Hart and D. Andrew Stewart
-Unsounding Objects (2013) by Preston Beebe

Laurent Mariusse, Yi Jing 1 (2013), by Laurent Mariusse, multi-percussion and electronics

Dean’s Room
Mark Cook: Hardware for performing live electronics

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